Stakeholder feedback and how it shaped the Storylines

External stakeholders representing the gas and electricity industries, customers and environmental NGOs, regulators, EU Members States and the European Commissions were key in building an ambitious, yet technically sound, set of scenarios.

The Scenario Building team has worked jointly with stakeholders through interactive workshops, webinars and web-consultations. Dozens of stakeholders provided input to formulate, with the ENTSOs, the new scenarios storylines.

As a result, the ENTSOs scenarios uniquely represent generally accepted, yet highly ambitious, views of what the future could look like, rather than a view of the future desired or promoted by any organisation. They will allow the testing of Europe’s future energy infrastructures under varied and stressing situations.

The development process is covered in detail by the ­material released prior to the publication of this report, the high-level process for these storylines followed the steps as shown: