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TYNDP 2020 – Scenario Report

Main Report

ENTSOs’ TYNDP 2020 Scenario Report describes possible European energy futures up to 2050. Scenarios are not forecasts; they set out a range of possible futures used by the ENTSOs to test future electricity and gas infrastructure needs and projects.

The scenarios are ambitious as they deliver a low carbon energy system for Europe by 2050. The ENTSOs have developed credible scenarios that are guided by technically sound pathways, while reflecting country by country specifics, so that a pan-European low carbon future is achieved.

Download Main Report (PDF, 6.3 Mb)

TYNDP 2020 – Scenario Methodology Report

Methodology Report

The development of the scenarios builds on storylines and a methodology to translate the storylines into parameters and eventually figures. The TYNDP 2020 Scenario Methodology Report provides full transparency on how the scenarios are developed and how the development of different demand technologies, generation and conversion capacities, renewable shares and all other parameters are considered.

Download Methodology Report (PDF, 4.8 Mb)

Final ENTSOs’ TYNDP 2020 Scenario Storylines

Storyline Report

The three scenario storylines developed in consultation with stakeholders are detailed extensively in the ENTSOs Storylines Report released in May 2019.

Download Storyline Report (PDF, 3.1 Mb)

TYNDP 2020 – Scenario Data

Scenario Data Sets

The joint scenario package provides an extensive data set resource that is used by each ENTSO TYNDP and other studies. The ENTSOs invite stakeholders to use the scenario data sets for their own studies. Whereas Distributed Energy and Global Ambition have been built as full-energy scenarios until 2050, National Trends is based on electricity and gas related data from the NECP and developed until 2040.

Download Scenario Data (Excel, 1 Mb)